Math Tournament Rules

for students in grades 4-6


I. General Provisions

1. These Rules are developed in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, the State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019 and defines goals and objectives, organizational and methodological support, the procedure for conducting, financing, participating and determining winners and prize-winners.

2. Mathematical tournament for schoolchildren (hereinafter - the Tournament). The tournament is a personal-team competition.

3. The purpose of the Tournament is to identify, support and develop gifted students in grades 4-6 with pronounced mathematical abilities.

4. The main objectives of the Tournament:

- Creation of special conditions in the form of team competitions for creative communication on the interests of the most gifted students of grades 4-6 in the field of mathematics;

- The formation of the Olympic reserve in mathematics from among the most gifted students of the Pavlodar region;

- development of students' skills in participating in individual and team competitions;

- stimulation of cognitive and creative activity of students, deepening and expanding students' knowledge of mathematics.


II. Tournament participants

1. Tournament participants can be teams of 3 (three) students of grades 4-6 of educational organizations of all types.

2. Each school represents 1 team (in Kazakh or Russian language of instruction).

3. The composition of each team is determined by the following format: 4 people (3 students and 1 team leader): Grade 4 - 1 student, Grade 5 - 1 student, Grade 6 - 1 student.

4. The team leader should be a specialist in the field of mathematical education in primary or primary school (a mathematics teacher, elementary school teacher, methodologist, and head of a mathematical circle).

5. The team leader is fully responsible for the life and safety of participants on their way to the venue (return trip) and during the Tournament.


III. Organization and order of the tournament

1.In order to coordinate and carry out organizational work on the preparation and conduct of the Tournament, an organizing committee is created.

2. The Organizing Committee annually determines the date and place of the Tournament, directly supervises the preparation and conduct of the Tournament, approves the composition of the methodological council, the jury, the program of the Tournament, the list of participating teams, analyzes and summarizes the results of the Tournament, rewards winners and prize-winners, provides coverage of the preparation process , holding and results of the Tournament in the media.

3. The Methodological Council develops and draws up tasks for the three rounds of the Tournament, the rules for each round and the criteria for their evaluation.

4. The jury of the Tournament checks and evaluates the work of the participants, makes proposals to the organizing committee for awarding winners and prize-winners. The team leader may declare his desire to become a member of the Tournament jury in advance.

5. The tournament is held in 3 rounds:

1st round - “(written team olympiad).

The time of the 1st round is 10.00-10.45 hours.

“Well, that's it!” - This is a team game-competition for solving problems.

Each team is invited to solve three topics with 3 tasks in each

topic. The team captain coordinates the work of team members, helps in solving problems and checks the answers of team members. To solve problems 45 minutes are given. Answers are indicated on a special form on which the condition of the tasks is recorded. Verification and evaluation of tasks of the 1st round is carried out by the jury. For solving the first problem in each topic, 2 points, the second - 4, the third - 6. Thus, each team can earn 36 points on solving problems.

Round 2 - “Asyk” (oral-team Olympiad).

The time of the 2nd round is 11.00-12.30 hours.

“Asyk” is a team competition for solving problems. All teams are simultaneously issued cards with images of two bones. There is one task printed on each card. The team has 2 attempts to pass the answer on one card. If the correct answer is given on the first try, then the team receives the number of points equal to the sum of points for each bone shown on the card. If the correct answer is given on the second attempt, then the team receives the number of points equal to the greater number written on the card. The game ends when the team has no tasks that it has not yet solved, or the time allotted for the game has expired. Assessment of tasks of the 2nd round is carried out by the jury. A team can score no more than 125 points for solving problems on the Asyk game. 3rd round - “Baiga” (oral-personal Olympiad).

The time for the 3rd round is 13.30-14.15 hours.

Students participate in the game "Baiga" separately for classes. Each participant is issued a card with three tasks. After solving the problems, the participant, in an interview with a jury member, tells his decision using a summary. During the presentation, the jury member evaluates the correctness of the decision and, in case of mistakes (gaps), points them to the participant and, as a rule, gives him the opportunity to correct them. The solution to each problem is evaluated by jury members from 3.5 to 7 points. Each team can score 63 points for solving problems.

The tournament is held in Kazakh and Russian.

6. Registration of the Tournament participants is carried out on the website:

The address of the organizing committee: 140000, Pavlodar, Astana street, 12, tel. 8 (7182) 53-47-35, 8 (701) 672-93-37, E-mail:

7. During the Tournament it is forbidden to use personal records, any literature, including information in electronic form, electronic storage media, calculators, mobile communications. Participants can only bring writing tools. During the Tournament, participants can communicate only with representatives of the jury and with members of their team.

8. For violation of the rules of the Olympiad, participants may be disqualified.


IV. Summing up and rewarding

1. All participants of the Tournament are awarded certificates.

2. According to the results of the Tournament, teams are awarded for the competitions “Well, Basta!”, “Asyk”. In the overall classification, the team championship is determined. Winning teams are awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degree and diplomas.

3. Awarding is also held in the individual competition according to the results of the "Baiga" competition.

4. For high results awarded the Grand Prix in the team championship.

5. The winners of the olympiad in the individual championship, awarded with a diploma of the first and second degree, have the right to be enrolled in school-lyceum No. 8 for gifted children of Pavlodar after an interview.


V. Tournament Financing

1. Financing of the Tournament is carried out in accordance with the approved estimate.

2. Travel expenses of participants (round trip, meals) at the expense of the sending side.