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Часто задаваемые вопросы

When does my order need to be in for next day delivery?

Orders need to be in by 11pm the day before to be eligble for next day delivery. However, there are some times and areas where a delivery time might not be available the next day. You will know this at the time of booking.

How does this process work for home deliveries?

You simply browse for the items you want to purchase directly on our website. At checkout you can select the date & time window of your delivery. While at the store we will reach out to you if we have any question or if a product is out of stock. Then, we deliver everything right to your front door. Afterwards, we will adjust the amount you paid for any products if we notice there is a difference when we purchased them on your behalf.

Are you owned by any of the stores you deliver for?

We are not, but we love the stores we deliver for just as much as you do. The great thing about our company is when you place an order with us we work for you, not the store. We act as your agent and shop on your behalf.

How do I pay you?

We have an online storefront to help make ordering easier for you where you can browse for the items you want to purchase. Then, you simply check out and pay with any debit or credit card. Please note that the prices on our website can fluctuate for the actual products. In the end, for the products, we only will charge you what we pay for them after shopping on your behalf.

Should I tip the delivery person?

It is not required. Our business model includes paying our employees enough where the customer does not have to feel obligated to subsidize their pay. Additionally, our process is streamlined were the person who shopped for you might not be the person delivering your order.

What COVID precautions do you take?

The health of our employees and customers is of paramount importance to us. Our employees will always wear masks and gloves. Our deliveries are, by default, no contact. Individual storage containers are sanitized between each order. Additionally, we are monitoring the evolving CDC recommendations and will make changes when necessary.

What if I need to make changes to my order?

You can make changes easily by chatting with us on our website. You will also be able to text with the shopper while they are at the store.

Can I order groceries for other parties?

Absolutely. If you want to order groceries for your children, or anybody else, we will be more than happy to deliver the groceries to them.

How much do you charge?

There are two parts to your payment to us. The Delivery Charge and the Shopping Fee. The Delivery Charge, in an area we offer personal delivery, depends on how far away from a given store you are. A long-distance delivery to your door has a delivery charge of $29.95. A local delivery costs $19.95.

Additionally, we charge a Shopping Fee which is 10% of your order total. Please note, we do not mark up the prices of the products we purchase on your behalf. As such the prices on our website might be a little more or a little less than what you actually pay for your groceries. If there is a difference, we will adjust it.

If we do not offer personal grocery delivery in your area, then we can ship most non-perishables to you for starting at $9.95.

What happens if something on my shopping list is not available?

If our shopper notices what you want is not available, they will text you and ask if you want an alternative. If they are unable to confirm with you, within a reasonable amount of time, we will simply skip that item and you will not be charged for it.

Can you deliver frozen or refrigerated foods?

Yes, if you are in our delivery window. We keep all foods properly refrigerated or frozen until they are delivered right to your door. You can even order milk and be assured that it will be delivered as cold as when we obtained it.

How does the delivery part work?

You choose the time and date when you make your order. When it comes time for delivery we will text you when the driver is on the way. For groceries, when the driver arrives at your house, they will place a disposable liner outside your door. Your groceries will then be placed on this liner, either in paper bags or cardboard trays. After you bring your groceries inside, you have the option of leaving the trays and the liner for us to take care of.

How far in advance can I schedule a delivery?

As far in advance as you would like to.

Are all of a store's products on your website up to date and in stock?

We do not receive live stock information from stores. We work for you, not them. However, we spend a lot of effort in making sure our website is as up to date as possible. This includes the prices, availability, and completeness of a store's products. With that said, sometimes things can be out of stock and sometimes the prices will end up being a little different. If something is out of stock we will refund you. If the prices are different, we will adjust what you paid us.